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A diverse library of hundreds of texts, including fiction and nonfiction, classic and contemporary, that provide teachers with extensive standards-based resources.

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Customizable assignments and rubrics, plus tech-enhanced assessments, with ELD supports, igniting creativity, building confidence, and advancing skills.

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Social media-inspired tools and a Peer-to-Peer network that prompt deep analysis and inspire students to write for an authentic audience.

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StudySync is a cross-curricular, core literacy solution with hundreds of texts, dynamic video and multimedia lessons guaranteed to inspire and advance reading, writing, critical thinking, speaking and listening skills to prepare students for college and careers. StudySync provides powerful digital instruction with engaging print resources to ensure teachers can provide students a systematic path to success. More About StudySync

What’s New

StudySync introduced a new audio podcast feature to Blasts assignments. The first podcast series, titled “School of Thought,” explores students’ views on 21st century learning, while helping today’s digitally-motivated students improve important listening and critical thinking skills. Listen to an audio clip here.

StudySync named a Tech & Learning ISTE 2017 Best of Show Award Winner as selected by the nation's most tech-savvy educators that identify products showing the greatest promise.

StudySync spent a day at the Health Sciences High & Middle College Charter School in San Diego, California. Watch Dr. Doug Fisher, the Health Science teachers and students describe what makes StudySync so special. Check out the video here.

StudySync and McGraw-Hill Education announced an exclusive marketing and distribution partnership in the US that combines StudySync’s dynamic digital content and platform for English Language Arts with McGraw-Hill Education’s acclaimed educational materials and sales expertise. Read more.

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